This is the official QtSim website.

QtSim is a graphical frontend (GUI) for SpeedKernel which is part of the OGame battle simulator SpeedSim developed by Maximialian Matthé and Nicolas Höft. QtSim is written in Qt and especially focuses to provide a working interface for the non-windows world. Although Qt is supposed to be portable between Linux, Mac and Windows, development is only done on Linux and there is no guarantee for a painless build process on MacOS or Windows.

The current version of QtSim is available via sourceforge's svn repository.

svn co qtsim
As mentioned above, QtSim is only a frontend; a matching version of SpeedKernel is available from this repository:
svn co SpeedKernel
and has to be built in advance. Using the latest version of SpeedKernel could also work but is not recommended.

There is NO binary release yet, so if you've never seen a command line or used make before, this might not be what you're looking for.
You might want to have a look at the packages directory to get an even more automated build procedure.


There are several ways to contact the developers of QtSim / SpeedSim.


If you want to contribute to the QtSim project, you're welcome to do so (see contact above). I am currently working alone and I'm quite busy doing other stuff; also working alone isn't quite motivating.


Of course, the obligatory screenshot cannot be left out!